Fixbond 's Leading Chemical  Industries Company in Egypt.

    Specialized in High-Quality Adhesives, Sealants, and Rubber Compounds Products 
    that meet the requirements of International Specifications.


          FIXBOND   got ISO 9001
          For a quality management system, Fixbond's whole products ensure that products are constantly a match for developing markets and that they meet the evolving needs of the users and customers.

          FIXBOND  laboratories are fully equipped with the most
          advanced testing system
          to ensure that our products meet technical requirements set by
          international specifications like DIN and ASTM which test all raw materials, products, effectiveness and performance standards for welding plastic pipes and fitting and other applications.

          FIXBOND   is suitable for a wide range of adhesion
          applications in many different fields
          Whether it is specialty cement or contact adhesives for special and general purposes with over 35 Years of an international technical and commercial expert in chemical industries.

          FIXBOND  continued  investments in R&D
          a long-term vision of innovation and adaptations
          to local and global market requirements

                                                                      FIXBOND TIMELINE


                                                                      The Establishment of the First Company “Swiss Engineering Center”

                                                                      Production of the First Product with Egyptian know-how, “SYZER MAGIC”


                                                                      Launching Sealants Department


                                                                       Production of CPVC Cement According to U.S.A. Specifications.


                                                                      Export to The Middle East North Africa
                                                                      (MENA) Region


                                                                      The Brand’s Logo’s Updated  (Fixbond)


                                                                      Certified ISO 2015:2019


                                                                      New Products Line Launching FIXBOND Silicone Sealant


                                                                      Applying a New Digital Printing  process based on Nanotechnology on Our Metal Can


                                                                      Completion of FIXBOND Manufacturing Facility

                                                                      FIXBOND is one of the manufactures specialized in

                                                                      developing of all kinds of adhesives and sealants.